How Is Pathways Academy Adult Education Able to Serve Adult Students? July 19, 2019

How Is Pathways Academy Adult Education Able to Serve Adult Students?

Aside from offering homeschool and blended learning options for students, we also cater to young adults who are looking to earn a high school diploma. In today’s competitive job market, a high school diploma is a key credential that can open the door to many rewarding career opportunities. Whether you already have a job and want to take the next step up the ladder, are seeking to re-enter the workforce after overcoming a personal challenge, or wish to pursue a college education, Pathways can help pave the way to a better life. 

Free High School Diploma Program
The Adult Education program at Pathways allows adults ages 19-24 to pursue a high school diploma at a comfortable pace and on a flexible schedule. When you apply to the program, you will meet in-person or over the phone with one of our credentialed teachers to develop a learning plan that fits your preferences.
Pathways Academy Charter SchoolAdult Education (PACSAE) is available in any county in California, from Modoc to Los Angeles all the way down to San Diego. Students complete a very manageable workload of at least four classes per semester, and many prefer to take additional courses to accelerate their graduation and put their diploma to work in their new career.
Variety of Curriculums
One of the best parts about Adult Education through PACSAE is the array of curriculum options. From textbooks to small group classes to online programs, you can find a curriculum that fits your learning style. Pathways prides itself on constantly expanding our horizons, so you can expand yours.
What’s Your Success Story?
At Pathways Academy Charter School Adult Education, every student has their own success story. We’re here to help you find yours and build confidence in your future. We’re also continuing to grow our reach and resources with the goal of bringing the power of education to more Adult Ed students across California. To speak with a career counselor and learn more about adult education with us, call 760-494-9646